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"Where would I be without Pretty Woman fabulously manicuring my finger nails? I wouldn't go anywhere else and even have a hard time letting someone else do them when on holiday. I love buying myself little treats and my collection of Jessica nail polishes is currently 37 and that's after a recent cull!! I love being pampered at Pretty Woman, and as a dance teacher I need it! My passion for Clarins continues, especially using your Clarins Loyalty Card! and I really enjoy getting my bag full of free products every May, its such a treat! Pretty Woman is like a "sweet shop" for grown ups with so much to offer. Nearly 25 years and counting. Wow! Lynda and the Team Pretty Woman, thank you !!!"
Sharon Jones

"Is it really nearly 25 years since "the Parlour" opened, and introduced Leeds to the world of beauty treatments and Clarins? As one of your earliest clients, I have enjoyed being pummelled, tugged, pushed, massaged and pampered in every treatment I have had over the years, and becoming a "product groupie" for glorious Clarins. Lynda, you are a leader and always are the forefront of the industry. Long may you continue! "
Pam Cage

"I have now been a regular client of Pretty Woman for nearly 25 years. I was so delighted to hear the salon had won the Clarins Gold Salon Award. Over the years the staff have been wonderful making it a true pleasure and pampering experience. Not alone is the Salon excellent for beauty treatments, it also stocks a wonderful range of beauty products and fabulous gifts. Well done Pretty Woman a very well deserved award."
Jane Hollingworth

"The service I receive from Lynda and her Team is exceptional. They are attentive to my needs, listen to my concerns and always make the right recommendation to me whether that's a treatment (pampering session to me) or a product purchase.

Collectively they have taken me through 3 pregnancies with out stretch marks! They regularly re-energise my tired skin and aching body and carefully help me to select the right make-up and nail colours, leaving me feeling beautiful and fashionable!

In addition I love to purchase Birthday and Christmas gifts from Pretty Woman for my family and friends - they have something for everyone male or female, young or old. They help me to choose the perfect gift and then kindly wrap it for me, which always adds that extra 'wow' factor!

Thank you Lynda and your Team, life just wouldn't be the same without you."
Maria Beckwith

"I have been visiting Pretty Woman for 18 years because of its welcoming atmosphere, professional approach and excellent Clarins treatments and products. Congratulations on winning the Award - and the newly refurbished Salon looks amazing! Well done Lynda and the Team"
Sally Johnson

"I like coming to Pretty Woman because I feel valued as a Client, but more importantly cared for as a person"
Christine Thomas


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Clarins Beauty Consultation
Clarins Beauty Consultation
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